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It's fantastic. I have already been recommending you to other people.
Christian, Gwynedd, UK
“It is a very good course with good tutors. The team in the office are very friendly and helpful too should you have any problems.”
Fiona, UK
It's an excellent course with lots of variety and very good value for money.
Rajesh, Staffs, UK
“Go for it, it is fantastic!”
Dawn, Cornwall, UK

How to earn a living from your web design skills


Here are two facts about you:

1. You've realised there's a demand for web designers

2. It seems a great way to earn a living.

So… why do any other job other than web design?

I’m guessing you’re saying to yourself:

“It’s true. I can do web design. And I’d like to do it as a profession.

I know what your ‘Yes, buts’ are.

  • Your web design skills are weak (even non-existent?)
  • You lack marketing know-how.
  • You don’t like selling.
  • You don’t know how to find clients, or what to say to them.
  • You don’t think you have the right tools and systems.
  • You lack confidence in yourself.
  • You need to keep earning a living.

And so on. And so on.

And now I’m going to tell you a secret.

Every single person who ever worked for themselves felt insecure.

Like them, you believe you’re not good enough. You know you lack certain skills. You feel like an imposter. You think you’ll be ‘found out’.

So, how are you going to overcome all this?

To succeed as a web designer you need two things: knowledge and experience.

You’ve probably got some technical knowledge about how to create a website. And if you don't, that's OK, because we start with 'Web design for beginners'. And we give you shortcuts that allow you to create good websites in minutes.

You can acquire the non-tech knowledge either informally (YouTube videos) or formally (by doing a course, like ours).

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As for experience, you get that little by little. You start by doing work for family and friends. You’re probably doing that already. Then you get some unpaid work for a small business or a charity.

And at some point you'll do some marketing. Learn with us, we'll show you cheap 'set and forget systems' that work while you sleep.

There are two advantages to doing a formal course:

  1. You get personal feedback. You get your questions answered. It’s not like reading a book or a blog post. The course is about you.
  1. You receive specialised, structured knowledge – you get the systems, forms and methods that web designers use. The trade secrets. A route map to becoming a web designer.

But are you going to take the plunge?

Aspiring web designers fall into two categories. Those who are serious and those who aren’t.

You can spend a lifetime reading other people's blog posts and wasting time. But by taking a course – and putting down serious money – you mentally commit yourself to succeeding. It’s an odd thing, but it’s true.

As long as you prevaricate, you aren’t serious about changing your life.

Anyway, let’s move on. I want to talk briefly about the course.

How the course works

There are two editions – an online edition and one that includes printed materials. You choose.

  1. You can start any time you want, and take as long as you need. There are no set times, no classroom attendance. It’s totally flexible.
  2. When you register, you’re given your own tutor, who will be a practising web designer. Someone who wants to give back, and help others profit from their knowledge.
  3. The modules cover the issues you need to know about – the things I mentioned earlier.
  4. No experience of web design? That's OK. We also cover the how-to of web design. We start by assuming you have absolutely zero knowledge. And we show you how to create great web sites - even if you have no skills at all. There are secret tricks we will show you. It's like being a magician. Once you know how a trick is done, it's obvious. And if you're already experienced, you can skip those early modules.
  5. There are assignments at the end of most modules. We set you a challenge, for example responding to a case study. You send to your tutor who'll comment and make suggestions. Doing assignments allows your tutor to check you’re on course to success.
  6. At the end of the course you get two qualifications (one from The Blackford Centre and one from our accreditation body, ABC Awards). They prove to the world that you’re competent, and they boost your self-confidence.
  7. And then you get three months of business mentoring. Your mentor will work with you, remotely, to help you set up your business.

In short, this website design course reveals the secrets of starting, running and scaling up a profitable website design business efficiently.

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Who registers on the course?

This course is for people who want to be a professional website designer. Are you one of these types:

  • You want proven strategies that will kickstart your website design business.
  • You want business templates and workflows from experienced website designers.
  • You want to learn how to attract great clients, build a good portfolio and automate their work process.
  • You’re tired of experimenting. You want to know the right way to run a thriving website design business.
  • You’d like to avoid the mistakes most people made when starting!

This course is not for you if:

You aren't ready to put in the effort. We give you an easy way to learn everything, but it only works if you put in the action!

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It’s a big opportunity

Over the last decade, the website design industry has boomed, growing at 6% each year.

68% of businesses (both start-ups and established organisations) say they need a website that reaches more customers, more effectively. Small business increasingly want to tap into the world of online marketing. This increases opportunities for a passionate website designer like you.

Thanks to the internet you can find clients that need your design skills – from the comfort of your home and without the costs of office space.

Imagine your life running your own web design business

Unlike most 9-5 jobs where you have to scramble to get to work early, you can actually enjoy a good nights rest and wake up late.

You can choose to get a morning coffee, sit in your bedroom and stare out your window (well, you just finished a project last night, you deserve some rest!). Or pop down to the café for coffee and a croissant.

You scroll through your emails, seeing new clients asking for your service. You decide which ones to progress (yes, you can choose the clients you want).

Then you settle down to get some interesting work done. Except it isn’t ‘work’ because you enjoy what you’re doing.

Starting your own business gives you the freedom to set your working hours, enjoy family holidays when you want, and live a lifestyle that your passion can fund. It’s a freedom other people envy.

But getting started isn't easy. There’s so much information on the internet: it can be overwhelming.

That's why we created this course. You can learn from experienced web designers how to create, manage and scale your business from zero to 7 figures or more!

Their mistakes, failures and successes are packed "in a box" for you to learn from it quickly.

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How much could I earn?

Research by Skillcrush shows that most website designers charge £800 - £3,000 ($1400 - $4400) per month from each client.

If you have five clients a month with an average of £1,000 per client, you could be earning as much as £5,000 per month.

And that’s just for starters. On the course we reveal how to get passive income – so you can take on more clients. We reveal how you can take on remote workers to boost your income up to £20,000 a month.

Where do I find clients?

The problem most people have is marketing. So we reveal how to get clients to contact you.

Let me repeat that. You don't have to contact them. They come to you. We'll show you how.

And it's the variety of clients that makes it interesting. You could offer your services to start-ups, or blag your way into doing work for a large company.

Thinking big? You can start an agency and be in charge of a team.

But whatever you choose, you’re your own boss.

Your clients cut across various niches. They might be into food production, forex trading, artists, service companies and many more! They need your help to create a stunning website. But they don’t want to go to a big expensive design practice. That’s where you score.

Is there any business category you want to specialise in? Schools? Small local service businesses? We show you how to reach out to those companies and become their website design guru. You'll learn how to attract great and stress-free clients.

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You'll get access to exclusive information

This course gives you a deep insight into the business world. You get access to videos, free resources, templates and scripts, forms, tools, charts and checklists, hidden website pages and lots more!

You can't find these secrets anywhere else. This programme gives you answers to burning question like:

  • How can I start my web design business?
  • What niche should I focus on?
  • Where do I find clients?
  • How can I build a great portfolio?
  • How much do I charge?
  • What legal paperwork do I need?
  • How can I write a great proposal?
  • How can I manage multiple projects at a time?
  • How can I automate the entire process and save more time?
  • Should I work as a freelancer or start my agency?

Why study at Blackford Centre?

At Blackford, we are passionate about our learners. We have been in the business of helping people for over 20 years. We offer real-life and practical learning to every one of our students.

We are an accredited training institution and are registered with the UK. We have offices in the United Kingdom, South Africa, and the United States. We've trained companies like EasyJet, HM Revenue & Customs and LandRover, among others. Here's why you'll like us:

  • You'll find learning fun. This course is packed with practical examples and case studies. We've found out that the easiest way to learn and understand is by giving our students a friendly atmosphere and using interactive methods.
  • You study where and when you want. There are none of the annoyances and restrictions about going to a classroom at a set time.
  • You learn at your own pace. Some people have more spare time than others
  • You get coached by real-life web designers who have years of experience.
  • Once you complete this course, you will get a Diploma that reflects your knowledge.
  • There are over six assignments for you to complete, and friendly professionals mark them.
  • You can contact your course tutor by email, and a course advisor by phone, email or chat. It lets you get free advice and suggestions on how to improve during your learning process.

Don't get stuck in a dead 9-5 job you dislike….

Some people stay in dead 9-5 jobs because they don't want to start a career. But you owe it to yourself to be your boss and make it as a website designer.

How many times have you thought about quitting your job or sticking it to your boss because of the stress you pass through at work? Aren't you tired of waking up early and getting home late?

Maybe you have kids, and you can't spend quality time with them?.

Well, it's time to change that. It is easier to flourish when you enjoy what you are doing.

When you run your own website design business, you can work in your underwear, be with your family, or take strolls around the park whenever you feel like it.

Or maybe rent a cheap office in a cool part of town. Welcome clients to your own chic, stripped-down premises.

Web designers office
You could get a nice office that gives you space to think.

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Any questions?

If you have any questions, call us on 0800 781 17 15 (or +44 1373 470 270 if you're outside the UK), or any of the phone numbers at the bottom of the page, and we'll answer any queries you have.

We look forward to helping you succeed.

With best wishes

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