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It's fantastic. I have already been recommending you to other people.
Christian, Gwynedd, UK
“It is a very good course with good tutors. The team in the office are very friendly and helpful too should you have any problems.”
Fiona, UK
It's an excellent course with lots of variety and very good value for money.
Rajesh, Staffs, UK
“Go for it, it is fantastic!”
Dawn, Cornwall, UK

The 14 Modules

1. Becoming a web designer

    • Welcome
    • What is this course about?
    • The world of the web designer
    • What you need to succeed as a web designer
    • Core skills
    • Principles of good design 1

2. Instant web design

    • How to create web sites with no skill at all.
    • The world of website builders
    • Principles of good design 2
    • If you have limited web design skills you can skip to Module 2.

3 Simple web design

    • Create web pages that require minimal skill
    • Creating websites using ready-made WordPress themes and HTML templates
    • Principles of good design 3
    • Accessing the server using FTP and the control panel
    • If you have limited web design skills you can skip to Module 3

4. More advanced web design

    • HTML, php and CSS
    • Javascript
    • Creating bespoke sites
    • How to outsource the most advanced work
    • If you have advanced web design skills you can skip to Module 4

5. Starting a web design business

    • Section overview: How to prepare and set up a successful web design business.
    • Overcome these entrepreneurial mistakes or you'll fail.
    • Determining your business short-term and long-term goals.
    • How to decide on a business name or domain name.
    • Building a great website - Tips and tricks.
    • Determining a profitable niche for your web design business.
    • How to target the right keywords.
    • How to build a portfolio easily if you don't have one already.

6. Setting yourself for success

    • Section overview: Important documents, templates and things to put you on track.
    • Hidden website pages
    • Establishing great pricing structures.
    • Why you should use the web design questionnaire + script.
    • Setting up multiple payment methods.
    • Tools for tracking finances.

7. How to write award-winning proposals and contract

    • Section overview: An in-depth look at solidifying your proposals and contracts.
    • What is a good proposal?
    • How to write award-winning proposal: Earn up to 100$/hr
    • Setting reasonable timelines and milestones.
    • How to set clients expectations.
    • Preparing a great contract: Don't move forward without this
    • Free and paid contract tools.

8. How to set your rates

    • How to set your rates for profitability.
    • Respecting the standards of the web design industry.
    • How to price as a beginner.
    • Increasing your rates over time.
    • A well defined rate structure plan to maximise your rates.

9. How to attract great clients for your web design business

    • Section overview: How to sell and attract clients to your business.
    • Making use of your existing network.
    • Building a great social media presence.
    • How to build an email list.
    • How to get traffic to your business - Blogging, Facebook & Google advertisement.
    • Cold calling leads the right way.
    • Meeting clients: Online and face-to-face networking.
    • Sales tips: Converting leads to clients like a pro.
    • Setting up a sales funnel.

10. Handling and managing projects

    • Section overview: How to manage projects and meet deadlines.
    • Getting started with a project.
    • How to handle multiple projects.
    • How to avoid scope creeping.
    • Handling client's request.
    • How to get clients feedback and approval.
    • Client's training and off boarding.

11. Building a great working relationship with clients

    • Section overview: The secrets to keeping you and your clients happy.
    • Getting to know your client professionally.
    • 7 secrets to boost clients loyalty.
    • How to establish clients boundaries.
    • Handling clients complaints and requests like a pro.
    • How to fire bad clients professionally.
    • Identifying clients to fire - Why is it important?

12. Scaling your business

    • Section overview: Scale your business to a steady 7 figure agency.
    • Promoting your work and portfolio.
    • How to get great clients feedback and testimonies.
    • How to get repeat work.
    • Upselling a client for maximum profit.
    • How to diversify your income stream.
    • Source for better clients.
    • Set your business on automation.
    • Building a solid remote team - scaling your business
    • Leveraging on your skills if you wish to work alone.

13. Legal and Finance Issues

    • Section overview: Important legal paperwork for your web design business.
    • Business Registration: License and Insurance - What do I need?
    • Setting up your business banking and taxes
    • Copyright statement.
    • Freelance agreement.

14. Conclusion to the course

    • - Conclusion to the course.
    • - Course links and Additional resources.