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I'm interested in creative writing.

I want to be an author, to write novels or short stories. How can I get published?

A creative writing course might the one for you?

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I want to write for children.

How can I get my work critiqued and find a publisher?

Consider a tutored children's writing course. It might help you achieve the breakthrough you need.

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I want to make money as an online writer.

Can I make money from a blog? Can I earn money writing from home?

Have a look at this Diploma in Online Writing course. You might be surprised at how many ways there are to earn money as a writer.

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I want to be a copywriter, earning an income writing copy for organisations.

Copywriting is where writers can really make money. That's because their work has a commercial value. Their words earn money for the businesses that hire them. But copywriting isn't for everyone.

Check out this accredited Diploma in Copywriting course. It could teach you the skills you need to become a professional copywriter.

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I'd love to be a screenwriter, and see my work turned into a film.

Or just imagine, your script might be performed on stage, and become a hit.

An online screenwriting course could show you the way to get your script optioned.

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I want to improve the accuracy of what I produce, in terms of grammar and spelling.

Maybe you could become a professional proofreader, and earn money from your knowledge? Perhaps there's a job for you as a copyeditor?

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