The Course Modules

1. The Professional Online Writer - Writing For The Web

What is a professional online writer?
What do online writers do?
How do online writers do their jobs?
How do you position yourself as a professional online writer?
Instant copywriting techniques
Fighting writer’s block
Important copyright considerations

2. Dealing With Online Clients

Who commissions online work?
Four different types of online clients
How to get beneath the client’s skin

3. Your Audience

Who will read your copy?
Understanding people’s needs
Why writing for the web is special
Who are you trying to attract?
Sites from the visitor’s perspective
Define your tone

4. Website Copy: Engaging Your Readers

Characteristics of poor website copy: Part 1 - Structure
Characteristics of good website copy: Part 2 - Substance

5. Copywriting: Learning To Turn Out Persuasive Marketing Copy

What exactly is copywriting, anyway?
Why writing for the web is different
What your clients are looking for in a copywriter
The basics of effective marketing copy
Advanced copywriting techniques

6. Writing For Different Types of Web Pages

What content should you have?
How to make an index or home page
Special pages
Specific products and services pages
Contact us page
About us page
FAQ page
Shopping carts and billing page
Buying site content

7. How to Write Articles the Professional Way

The component parts of professional writing
Write on any subject under the sun
Communicate with your clients regularly
Editing: Nothing is sacred

8. Writing to get Websites Found by the Search Engines

SEO copywriting: what it is and why you need it
Optimising web pages and related elements
Optimising keyword density, synonyms, and phrases
Internal and external linking strategies

9. How to Sell to Customers Using Email Marketing

How to write marketing emails
Writing email newsletters
Email marketing and the law

10. How to Write Great Pay Per Click Ads, including Google AdWords

About Google Adwords ads
How you can help your clients with AdWords, and get paid
The three elements of an AdWords ad
How to write an AdWords ad
Other PPC advertisement programmes
Non contextual ads
Website pop-ups

11. Writing Ebooks and Printed Books For Online Clients

How to make money writing eBooks and printed books
What you might write about
How to get writing assignments
Writing eBooks, printed books, etc., for yourself

12. How to Write Professional Reports and Training Materials For Online Clients

1. Writing professional reports

The structure and style of your report
An authoritative voice
Making it readable

2. Writing training materials

Types of learners
General guidelines for writers of training materials
Specific tips for writing training materials

13. Academic Writing and Technical Writing For Online Clients

1. Academic writing

What is academic writing?
Types of academic writing
Citing your sources

2. Technical writing

Do you need specialised knowledge?
Types of technical writing
Explaining complex technology
Subtle marketing

14. Ghost Writing and Other Types of Writing For Online Clients

1. Ghost writing

Types of ghost writing
Using somebody else’s voice
The hidden agenda
Getting work as a ghost writer

2. Other types of online writing

Making money via other types of online writing
6 Types of online projects to consider
How to get ready for online projects

15. How to Ensure Your Work Gets Accepted

Understanding what your writing client wants
The importance of a project brief
Steps for Proofreading your work and for quality control

16. How to Research Information

Beware these common research traps
Layman’s terms are key
Overview of expert interviewing techniques
Interviewing for a press release
Interviewing for a human interest piece
Interviewing for a ghost written book

17. How to Set up Your Freelance Writing Business

What you need—and don’t need—to get started
Setting up your home office
A few words about income and expenses
What you should know about copyright

18. How Much to Charge for Your Work

Calculating your overhead
Keeping it real
Setting a rate
Making exceptions
Terms of service

19. Finding Work Online

Freelance writing exchanges
How to win writing assignments on freelance exchanges
Where to look for other writing opportunities

20. Marketing Your Writing Services Online

Before you market your writing
Marketing tools
Your own blog: establish your expertise

21. Your Own Website

Your website - consider the objectives
Designing your website
Publicising your website
Keeping people coming back
How to write your own web pages

22. Managing the Finances of Your Writing Business

The risk of fraud in the online marketplace
Creating a paperwork trail
Getting paid through an online marketplace
Payment outside of online marketplaces

23. Working With Other Writers

Reasons to work with other writers
Sub-contracting rates
Finding writers to work with
Management of the relationship
Order flow
Quality assurance
Providing helpful feedback / mentoring


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